Animoto Digital Product Video Tool

Animoto is a digital video tool I came across for the first time in my sophomore year of college. When I had the opportunity to review and create a digital product with the tool, I jumped at the chance. Animoto is a great tool that allows users to use pictures, videos, music, and text to create instructional videos that can be used in the classroom.

Teachers and students can access Animoto and create videos that are going to allow for creativity and innovation. Teachers can use Animoto to introduce a unit and get students engaged in what they are going to be learning. Students can use Animoto to create videos that will introduce a topic they have been researching.

The digital product I created using Animoto, which can be located by clicking here, allows 4th-5th grade students to view a motivational and engaging video about Chinese culture before a lesson would begin. The intended purpose of this video is to get students thinking about Chinese culture and how it compares and contrasts with American culture. This video would be shown during a culture unit in the media center and folktales from different cultures would be read to help students see the similarities and differences between different cultures.

After the lesson, students could brainstorm and create their own Animoto videos showing the similarities and differences between American and Chinese culture and share with the rest of the class as a final project.

You can also view the Animoto digital project by clicking on this link-


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